Home Painting Guide

Our home painting guide includes everything that you need to know to paint your house. This will guide you through the entire process of painting from start to finish in a simple and easy way.

Paint Applicators

A good finishing depends on application of right materials with correct equipment by using proper techniques. Hence, paint applicator plays an important role in the whole process.


Being the oldest method of application, is still one of the best means to paint large complex objects. Brushing helps to penetrate the paint into the surface and hence the wastage of the paint is relatively lower than other techniques. It is mainly used for decorative and maintenance application.

  • Selection of Brush

    A brush of suitable size for the work at hand should always be selected. Using a small brush on a large area makes it difficult to apply an even coating and slows down the rate of working; while using a large brush on a narrow area makes accurate "cutting in" impossible.

    Degree of finish also depends upon the quality of the brushes.

    Use and Maintenance of Brushes

    In a new brush, bristles hold dust and broken bristles must be washed out before using the brush for finish work. Soap water can be used for washing out the new brushes. A paint brush works best when it is 'broken in' that is, when it has acquired a level at the end of bristles. Brush must be 'washed in' in order to distribute the paint throughout the thickness of the brush. Brush is dipped in the paint and is rubbed against the sides of the bucket. After painting is over, excess paint is brushed back into the container; the brush is scrapped clean with a blunt putty knife, rubbed on a suitable surface, then rinsed out in thinner and 'spun' dry. It should be thoroughly washed in soap water and dried.

    Brushing Technique

      • The area to be painted at a time has to be small to ensure uniform distribution of paint. This will help to avoid brush marks as well.

      • The pressure of the brush must be equal for all strokes so that the paint easily penetrates to the surface.

    Paints suitable for Brushing

      Distempers are ideal for brush application.