Home Painting Guide

Our home painting guide includes everything that you need to know to paint your house. This will guide you through the entire process of painting from start to finish in a simple and easy way.


Proper planning can make the entire process simple & hassle free. Make your job easy by following the simple steps:

  • 1

    Know your color before you  create
    a truly beautiful home

    Know Here
  • 2

    Some examples from where
    you can get ideas

       Vist our Inspiration Wall
  • 3

    Select colors as per your choice

    Select Here
  • 4

    Take a Snap to paint virtually
    to have an idea about the
    final look

    Try Here
  • 5

    Calculate your approximate
    painting cost

    Calculate Here
  • 6

    Find the nearest store from
    where you can purchase the
    paint & related accessories

    Find Here