Home Painting Guide

Our home painting guide includes everything that you need to know to paint your house. This will guide you through the entire process of painting from start to finish in a simple and easy way.

Pre Painting Preparation

   For the new surface

    • Sand the surface with Emery Paper.

    • Wipe with cloth soaked in turpentine to remove the dust, oil & grease.

    • The area which is not to be painted must be covered by a masking tape, paper and/or cloth.

       For old/ already painted surface

    • Check the adhesion of the old paint by cutting the surface in a crisscross manner and then stick & peel scotch tape and check whether significant portion is adhering to the surface or not.

    • If it passes then- Sand the surface with Emery paper.

    • If it fails, then remove the entire coating by scraping/applying paint remover.