Home Painting Guide

Our home painting guide includes everything that you need to know to paint your house. This will guide you through the entire process of painting from start to finish in a simple and easy way.

Preventing Measures

Our SmartCare range of products specially designed for your waterproofing needs:

Water based acrylic pre-treatment coating designed to kill and prevent the growth of algae and fungi on surfaces.

Areas of applications: Terrace, side walls, boundary walls and kitchen walls.

    How to use:

    1. Surface Preparation:   


      • Remove any microbial growth by scraping with wire brush.

      • The surface should be thoroughly cleansed of any powdery loose particles by wire brushing and water jetting.

      • Allow the surface to dry completely before application.


      • The substrate must be checked for its soundness using a small hammer.

      • All cracks, joints, channels, parapets and surface should be properly treated.

      • Bigger cracks, damaged portions and hollow areas must be repaired with polymer modified cement mortars.

      • Ensure drain pipes are not clogged. All external plumbing leakages must be rectified.

      • Suitable sloping must be provided to roof slab to enable water runoff.

   2. Application:   

Surface cleaning & preparation SMARTCARE Bio Block Add 10 ltrs water to 1ltr Bio Block 1000 sq.ft/ltr Brush/Roller 4 - 6
Leveling Asian Paints Wall Putty Level the wall surface using Asian Paints Wall putty
Normal Painting Primer + Top coat Continue normal painting system using Primer + Top Coat

  • Apply an additional coat of Damp Block in case of severe dampness.

   3. Precautions:   

    • Do not apply during rains or over wet surface.

    • Do not dispose off excess material over natural vegetation.