Color Basics

Fundamentally colors can be categorized into the following:

Primary Colors

Primary colors are the set of unique colors that can be combined to make further ranges of colors. Red, Blue & Yellow are three primary colors which cannot be derived from any other color combination.

  • Red-RolllerRed is a positive color associated with strong emotional assertion of power and love and exudes our will to survive. It is energizing and excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.

    • Lighter shades of red are best for any mid-sized rooms.
    • Dark red suits bigger places like drawing room, hall etc.
  • Violet-RolllerBlue is a color that seeks peace and tranquility and assures relaxation.

    • Light blue goes well with bedrooms.
    • Darker shades of blue are more suitable for larger spaces like living rooms.
  • Yellow-RolllerYellow is uplifting and illuminating. It represents vibrancy and is a color of hope, happiness and fun.

    • Bright yellow is most preferred choice for kids' room and study room.
    • Dark yellow is best for modern kitchens.