Color Consideration

This is to help you to pick the right color for your interior. So when you think of colors and shades for your home, think in terms of:

  • Creating a mood and ambience
  • Choosing color combinations according to the function of the room
  • Choosing shades by the size of the room
  • Decide on colors to highlight the shape of the room
  • Complementing the furniture inside the room
  • Consider the Fabric and flooring to define a theme
  • Colors of the upholstery / carpet and curtains have to be harmonized with the wall colors
  • They can either be in analogous or complementary combinations with the wall color

Technicalities: Things you should know before starting of painting

  • Background color: The color covering largest proportional wall of a room.
  • Feature wall color: The color of the feature wall/ high - lighted wall.
  • Accents: The color used in the least proportion to enhance the overall décor.
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Shade selection: Before selecting the shade, you should remember the following points.

  • Do not use more than two primary colors in one room
  • Too many colors in a room create chaos
  • Build the colors in the room around the color of the feature wall
  • Dark color should be used against a light background
  • Use accents or strong colors on specific niches to ensure viewer´s focus
  • Keeping the background color toned down will increase the sharpness of accents in Niches