Color Basics

Fundamentally colors can be categorized into the following:

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors are the set of colors formed by mixing two primary colors.

Secondary-color Secondary-color-Formulae
  • Orange-RolllerOrange is a vibrant color but at the same time a polarizing color too. It connotes glory, ambition and achievement.

    • Light orange goes well with small or mid-sized rooms.
    • Darker shades of orange are only suitable for rooms with plenty of natural light.
  • Green-RolllerGreen symbolizes rejuvenation and well-being. Green is the color of balance and purity. It is also a safe color if you consider in terms of interior painting.

    • Light green goes well with any rooms.
    • Dark green is most suitable for formal living room with ample of natural light.
  • Violet-RolllerViolet depicts introspection. It relates to the imagination and spirituality, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts.

    • Lighter shades of Violets are suitable for any personal space.
    • Darker shades are suitable for Drawing room.