Color Combinations - Guiding norms

Color & Lighting

Lighting plays an important role for the entire look of the interior.

Three types of lighting mainly come into consideration from day to day life.

Natural Light (Sun Light)

Rooms with less sunlight need to be painted with light shades, while rooms with ample sunlight can be painted in any shades or some dark shades or bold colors can be used on that room.

Yellow Light (Bulbs) or Warm Lights

This type of light casts a yellowish effect onto the objects and surfaces in the vicinity. Warm colors go well with this light.

White light (Tubes, Fluorescent lights)

This type of light casts a whitish impact onto the objects and surfaces in the room. Cool and sober colors go well with this.

Dark rooms require plenty of lights and hence paint them with light colors. However, if you want to use the room mainly during night need to select shades which looks good in artificial lights − while or Yellow.