Champagne Diamond

Have you ever dropped a diamond in your champagne?

Champagne diamonds have a shine that beats the glitter of your celebratory liquor. These fancy golden-brown diamonds are the delights of both collectors and investors alike.

You’ll find the gems are light brown with a secondary tone of yellow. Some of them come with a deep brown color because of the extra nitrogen trapped in them.

There’s an interesting bit of history, though. When diamonds found in the Argyle Mines in Western Australia turned out to be brown, a smart plan became the need of the hour. The consumer’s perceptions had to be altered. The diamonds needed a special name to create a market demand.

‘Champagne Diamonds’, as a name, provided a feel of the luxury, elegance and affluence much associated with the liquor that’s good to toast the best moments, anytime.

Celebrate your purchase of a champagne diamond with champagne. See how it feels!

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