Marvels of Colour

A fistful of marbles is like a pouch of colourful jewels for youngsters.
Marbles made of agate come in black, gray, green, blue and yellow mineral dyes. While Cat's Eyes and Clearies are mostly clear glass marbles, Milkies are opaque, milk-white marbles. Clouds are marbles with balloons in blue, red, yellow, white, or green, floating like clouds in the interior.
The list from the spiral colour varieties is endless. Corkscrews are the kinds with two or more shades in spiral designs. 'Onion Skins' have a coloured core with many swirls, resembling an onion. The Lutz marbles have golden veins of copper crystals sparkling in their swirls.
The era of crude marbles came to an end in 1846 with the invention of the marble scissors by the glassmaker, Elias Greiner. Marbles possibly inspired sports such as bowling, billiards, and pinball.
No one must however forget that the ancestor of the marbles were the rich brown nuts, collected and polished by the sportive youngsters in ancient times.

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